Thanks for Registering!

Check your email for registration confirmation, and we’ll see you on Friday, September 13th in North Platte, Nebraska! Let us know if you have any questions about registration or the event.

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If you purchased tickets to the Western Nebraska Craft Beer Festival, they will be emailed to you the week of September 9th.

As a reminder, here are THE RULES

  • Teams consist of up to 3 persons. Team members must be 18 or older and will be required to sign a liability waiver.

  • Event is capped at 60 teams.

  • Each team will compete in TWO rounds of pool play to earn a place on the final single-elimination bracket play

  • Teams will have a total of 3 minutes to set up launching mechanism on launch zone.

  • Launching order will be pre-determined. Teams listed first will launch from Launch Zone #1, teams listed second will launch from Launch Zone #2. Launch Zone #1 will launch first.

  • For safety reasons, only the registered team members are permitted in the designated launch zone during their scheduled launch. Only NALC Staff, Volunteers, and current launching teams are permitted in the arena. All other teams or spectators will remain outside of the competition arena.

  • Teams will alternate shooting 3 avocados each, with a time limit of 30 seconds per launch. The avocado must make contact with a target in order to get ‘Target’ point value (side or top). Bouncing (from the ground to the tank) will not count at ‘Target’ points. A bounce could still result in points (see ‘Official Rules Document’ for more information). The distance to the target zones are (approximately):

    Front – 170 ft.
    Center – 200 ft.
    Back – 230 ft.
    Width of Total Target Zone – 60 ft.

  • Pool Play scores will be combined and the teams with the highest accumulated points from all SIX launches will be added to the bracket until the bracket is full. If there are too many teams or not enough, teams will move into a tie-breaker to determine teams competing in the bracket elimination.

  • During bracket play, teams will compete one-on-one. The teams accumulating the most points from their three launches will move on to the next round. In the event of a tie, teams will move into a tie-breaker.

  • Tie-breakers:

    • Pool Play: Teams will compete in a Wholy Guacamole Toss-Off.
    • General Competition: A tie-breaker will be determined by a shoot-out where the teams will launch 1 avocado each for the highest points. Teams will get 2 tie-breaker launches, if a winner is unable to be determined, teams will move into a Wholy Guacamole Toss-Off.
    • Championship Tie-Breaker: A shoot-out, up to 10 launches, will determine the Champion. After 10 launches, teams will move to a Wholy Guacamole Toss-Off.
  • Prize Money will be awarded to the 4 last teams remaining!

    Champion – $3,500
    Runner-up – $2,000
    The Other Two-$750/per team

  • Champion Crowned: After the competition, an awards ceremony will take place in the Wild West Arena Pavilion.

  • Please see ‘Official Rules Document‘ for the full set of rules and regulations.

Launching Mechanism Regulations

All participants must have a launching mechanism in order to compete. Mechanisms must run with human-powered energy, which may include:

  • Counterweight
  • Springs
  • Rubber bands
  • Muscle
  • Etc.

Good Example: Slingshot, Water Balloon Launcher

Launching Mechanisms must NOT include:

  • Explosives
  • Flames
  • External water propulsion
  • Fuel
  • Combustible
  • Electronics
  • Compressed air of any kind
  • Hydraulics

Bad Example: Air Gun, Potato Gun, Throwing by Human Force…

There is no height or weight limit of the launching mechanism; however, it must fit in a 20×20 ft. launch area, and only the 3 registered participants are permitted to transport it into the launch area.

The mechanism must be mobile, not fixed. Digging into the ground is not permitted. Ground stakes, ropes, wires, and straps may be used for safety reasons, if needed, and must be provided by the teams. If the launching mechanism breaks during competition and cannot be fixed before the team’s next turn, the team will be disqualified.

All avocados will be provided for the competition. Teams are not permitted to bring their own.

NO outside Avocados!